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You just got engaged! Now what? Check our wedding planning tips!

Congratulations! Here's everything that you should know now that you're engaged, before you start your wedding planning journey!

Beach Engagement

Getting engaged is such an incredibly exciting and special time in your life! I know for many of us this is "the moment" we all been waiting for but take the the time to celebrate and cherish this moment together before you start your wedding planning journey. Here's what you should know before announcing to the world you just got engaged...

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1.  Announce the engagement! Before you start digging into wedding planning the first thing you should do is to tell your family and friends! Think how you would like to do the engagement announcement. Most of couples tend to post on their social media a selfie of the proposal, video or they wait for pictures of their engagement photo shoot.

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2.  Consider ring insurance I know that ring or jewellery insurance it's not the first thing couples thing but trust us you don't want anything happening to your wedding ring. Although it's very unlikely something would happen, ring insurance will cover you for theft and lost. We can never be too careful and this is one of your most prized possessions.

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3.  Enjoy the moment Enjoy each others company, talk about your future and dreams. Strengthen your bond, learn more about each other and share your happiness with your loved ones. Cherish this special moment!

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4.  Create an album on your phone or computer for wedding content inspiration I know this probably doesn't seem relevant but believe me you will thank me later! Create a wedding inspiration album and save all ideas for your wedding planning journey. If you often look at social media for inspiration you can take screenshots and have everything in this folder to see later. Another easy way of finding and saving wedding content is to create a Pinterest account.

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5.  Have an email dedicated for all wedding communication Believe me when I say this should be the first step of any wedding planning journey! Having an email makes everything very organized and easy to manage. We advise all of our couples to do this before they start their wedding planning journey. Like this you know that all emails regards to the wedding are there, there's no missed e-mails and it's easier to go back and find important documents.


6.  If you are having a long engagement consider having an engagement party While you don't necessary need to have a engagement party it's a special celebration of your journey towards marriage and it's a great opportunity to share your excitement and happiness with your closest family and friends and make introductions before the wedding! This may be a way to celebrate with those family members and friends that won't be able to attend the wedding if you decide to elope or have a destination wedding. If you decide on having a long engagement a party is the best way to keep everyone excited during the wedding planning journey!

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7.  Talk Finances I know that this conversations can feel uncomfortable at times but you need to have them! Discuss how are you going to pay for the wedding: - Will you be using savings? - Taking out a loan? - Are family members contributing? - If family members are contributing what input will they have on the wedding? - What's your budget?

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8. Have discussions about the type and style of wedding you both want When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most important aspects is determining the type and style of wedding that both partners want. This decision sets the tone for the entire event and ensures that the couple's vision is brought to life. There are numerous styles and types of weddings to choose from. Tell your partner how you envisioned your wedding and go from there!

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9. Choose a date When it comes to choose a date you may already have a special day in mind, but if you don't, you may want to consider things such as: Favorite season of the year - If you suffer from allergies you may choose to avoid the spring time Budget - if you're working with a low budget you may want to avoid the wedding season or you can check your favorite venues and see if they are offering any discounts for specific dates. School terms - If you're having a destination wedding or if you have guests traveling long distances, having a wedding during the school term may be something you want to avoid. Most likely some of your guests will have school aged children and that means that it can be tricky for parents to travel as they can be faced with hefty fines or childcare. Calendar - Check if there's a bank holiday or any special events happening as this can mean that prices will be higher and your guests may struggle to find accommodation. You may also want to avoid such as father's day, mother's day, sport events, festivals, etc...

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