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Wedding Planner VS Venue Coordinator

Do I need a wedding planner if my venue has a venue coordinator?

The short answer is yes! Let me explain you why...

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A venue coordinator works for the venue, not YOU!

A venue coordinator works for the venue and is responsible for overseeing the venue on your wedding day, they are not responsible for planning or coordinating your wedding. They deal with everything having to do with the venue - venue policies & rules, health and safety, overseeing the venue staff, cleanliness, in-house catering, etc.

We often see couples assume that the venue coordinators job is to help them plan and coordinate their wedding day and in part that's true but not to the extent of a wedding planner...

A wedding planner works for YOU and it's selected by YOU!

A wedding planner is responsible for the planning and coordinating of your wedding day.

They are there for YOU! You are their number one priority!

A wedding Planner is there to help you create the wedding of your dreams. They will be your side during the wedding planning stage, the day before the weeding and until the wedding day is over. They will create a bepoke plan for your wedding planning needs, create a timeline and they will contact your wedding suppliers before your wedding to make sure everyone is confirmed and knows what time they will be arriving, the plan for the day and handle any issues that may arise.

Wedding Planners can save you more than 200-300hours and even save you money by choosing the right suppliers and giving you wedding ideas and inspirations that fit in your budget.

From wedding logistics, to lightning up the candles and having emergency kits at hand, wedding planners make sure there’s never a need for panic.

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Your wedding planner has your best interests at heart and they are there to advocate for you if things go wrong! Your venue coordinator allegiance is to the venue!

Although the venue coordinator will do their best to help and make sure things run smoothly on their end, they will probably not be helping if your bustle breaks, if one of the wedding suppliers doesn't show up, or making sure the DJ plays the right song at the right time.

Venue coordinators will want to know who your vendors are but won't deal with any issues, legal requirements or no shows! Some venues also have more than one coordinator so it's possible that the coordinator that helped you during your wedding planning journey won't be the same on your wedding day.

While venue coordinators are essential for any wedding venue it's good to remember that they are not wedding planners and that most venues don't fully offer wedding planning services as independent wedding planners do!

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